Monday, September 20, 2010

Final Events at Fringeology:

Over at the RRR Group's Fringeology blog, you can find a new post from Tony Bragalia titled Aliens and Conservatives: The Right Wing Versus ET. In the post, Bragalia references my Final Events book and begins thus:

"The recent and frightening re-emergence of the hard religious right as a political faction will have an impact on all of us. Whether or not such "Jesus-driven" candidates as Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Christine O'Donnell and Jan Brewer actually win elections to "govern by God," their fanatically held political and social beliefs will have repercussions for all of us who promote the study of things ET."

He continues:

"The words and actions of this frightening faction show that they oppose the Alien. They would never want extraterrestrial contact as they reject so many things that are 'different' from them. They have repeatedly demonstrated their difficulty with inclusion of those who are not the same. And nothing could be more "different" that ET. Their near-racist opposition to Muslims and immigrants demonstrates their likely fear and loathing of extraterrestrial Visitors. As both history and current events reveal, extreme evangelical Christians even believe that ET are 'demons.'"

And here's Bragalia's post in full.

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