Monday, October 4, 2010

Unholy Communion:

One of those who I interviewed for my Final Events book was Joe Jordan, an "alien abduction" researcher who works at the Kennedy Space Center. Readers of F.E. might be interested in the book that Joe has out with David Ruffino: Unholy Communion, and which covers some of the ground discussed in my interview with Joe.

Here's the publicity/product info on the book:

"They usually come at night. They may take one person, a couple or an entire family. They have no racial or social preference; they have abducted people from all walks of life to mysterious bright rooms where they conduct unusual procedures. The phenomenon has come to be called 'Alien Abduction' in pop-culture—where entities claiming to be from distant star systems whisk people away into bizarre and unwanted test beds.

"Now, for the first time, it is revealed through analytical duplication what for the past two decades a team known as the CE4 Research Group has discovered using guidelines for redundancy similar to methods employed by scientists and investigators to illustrate repeatability and thus “cause-and-effect.”

"Having documented more than 300 actual test cases, 'experiencers' (as they are called in abduction communities) have witnessed their abuse permanently stopped due to this research. In essence, they have been 'cured' of an unknown malady through what most in the public will find to be shocking, disturbing or a confirmation of faith—the power of Jesus name.

"Unholy Communion: The Alien Abduction Phenomenon, Where It Originates – And How It Stops is without precedent. This first ever, systematic approach provides compelling evidence through repeat verification that a connection between so-called alien-abduction, the supernatural and deliverance through Jesus Christ as savior exists.

"About the Author: David Ruffino has researched UFOs and abduction for over 45 years. HeÂ’s an alien abduction counselor, an ordained minister and has spoken in Roswell and on radio shows. Joe Jordan is a 16 year Field Investigator for the Mutual UFO Network, president of CE4 Research Group and co-founder of PAAPSI .org."

Here's the Amazon link to the book.


  1. According to the top Alien Abduction researchers, alines & UFOs have nothing to do with demons and calling upon Jesus does absolutley squat.

    Primarily the people who push for a "UFOs as demons" psuedo-explanation are fundamentalists who cannot ponder a possible extraterrestrial origin for UFOs because such violates their religious views.

    For me, the answer is quite simple. Either abductions are happening or they are not. "UFOs as demons" is not even a choice on the table.

  2. Boy:

    You're right. A number of people who have heard about my book (but not read it) assumed I had "found religion" and was promoting this as fact.

    I'm not. Rather, I have specifically pointed out in interviews that the book tells the story and history of the Collins Elite, and how and why the came to the conclusions they reached - which were ALL driven by belief, and in later years by a definitively fundamentalist belief and dangerous agenda.

    Of course, when you say the following: "According to the top Alien Abduction researchers, alines & UFOs have nothing to do with demons and calling upon Jesus does absolutley squat..." the Fundamentalists will say that: "Yes, this is according to the abduction researchers, but they're wrong."

    Same when you say, "For me, the answer is quite simple." Again, the Fundamentalists would say by saying "for me" you're expressing your opinion based on your evaluation of the data, and coming to a different conclusion to them.

    All that this tells me is that Ufology inevitably becomes belief-driven because although we know there is a real UFO phenomenon, we lack the 100 percent definite answer as to where it comes from and what it is.

    And that's why the theories of the think-tank in my book are (and can only ever be until we know for sure what's going on) absolutely belief-driven and nothing else.

    Of course, that goes for the ETH too. It's a belief system born out of an attempt to understand what's going on without hard evidence.

  3. And, even though I don't personally support the demonic theory, when you say: "According to the top Alien Abduction researchers, aliens & UFOs have nothing to do with demons and calling upon Jesus does absolutley squat..." I would have to say: so what?

    Again, this is their opinion, based on their evaluation of what's going on. Mac Tonnies argued the abductors might be home-grown ancient entities from right here.

    Others have suggested time-travelers (look at the Jim Penniston story about Rendlesham), some think it's military mind manipulation.

    That someone may have done research and reached a conclusion, and that someone else has done research and reached yet another conclusion, and a government think-tank concludes something else just shows one thing: we cannot prove what the fuck is going on, and revert to belief-systems.