Tuesday, November 2, 2010

UFO Iconoclasts on Final Events

Over at The UFO Iconoclast(s), Rich Reynolds reviews Final Events...


  1. Nick, I'm reading Philip Imbrogno's book, Files From The Edge. In a section dealing with "High Strangeness" Imbrogno relates a 1992 "entity" encounter of a woman named "Kate" who says this:

    "I opened my eyes and was in a different place that didn't seem like planet Earth. The sky was red and a fog was all around me. Leenal (a robot type entity Kate had contact with since childhood) was standing in front of me. and started to change shape, first into a horrible creature that looked like the devil. When I turned away and screamed, he turned into a tall, handsome young man with long blonde hair, very pale white skin and the greenest eyes I have ever seen. He said he could take any form and be anything or anybody I wanted him to be. He told me we were in his world and he had to bring me there to establish a 'permanent connection' with my mind.
    "Leenal explained that he was a part of a very ancient race that existed before mankind, and that many of his people were trying to establish mental links with selected humans so his race could come into our world."

    Although "Kate" doesn't remember any further encounters with Leenal, she does experience further "paranormal" phenomena, most notably, encounters with "shadow people."

    Then, in 2005, she has another unsettling encounter of a more Earth bound nature.

    She tells about receiving a phone call from a friend who said her car had broken down in an underground parking complex in Arizona. When Kate arrives there, she navigates her way through the complex but doesn't find her friend.

    She then parks and gets out of her car, intending to look around on foot. At that point, she says a white van & a black car screech to a stop in front of her, 4 men dressed in black and wearing ski masks leap out, grab her, drug her into conscious paralysis, and spirit her away.

    They take her to a secure location(magnetic lock with keypad code entry) where a man in a white lab coat gives her an injection before passing, what she describes as, an ultrasound type device over her.
    The last thing she remembers before passing out is one of her captors saying, "There, we found it."

    Imbrogno also details UFO/paranormal activity around the old iron mines near Brewster, NY. He mentions a group of apparent "devil worshippers," known as The Fallen Ones, who used the mines around the turn of the last century to conduct their nefarious rites.

    Along with UFO sightings and paranormal occurrences, Imbrogno touches on the stories that locals tell about the high levels of military activity around the old mines.

    Y'know Nick, I realize that reading your book has probably made these details stand out more than they normally would have, but it is a bit odd that UFOs and demons or devils or whatever you want to call them, have such an intertwined pedigree.

    I suppose it could be as simple as people attempting to explain their inexplicable experiences by using the best metaphors they can find, even if the metaphors chosen are inaccurate, but still, it does make you wonder.

  2. Many thanks for this, I don't have Imbrogno's book, but will definitely get hold of a copy!