Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jack Parsons, UFOs and the FBI

Beyond any shadow of doubt, the one person whose actions led to a belief in certain quarters of the U.S. Government that the UFO phenomenon has origins of a demonic, occult, and supernatural nature was Jack Parsons, as my Final Events book makes abundantly clear.

Less well known, however, is Parsons' relationship with the FBI - which turned out not to be a good one, at all! Let's take a look...

At his birth in 1914, Parsons was given the memorable and unusual name of Marvel Whiteside Parsons and had a truly extraordinary life. An undoubted genius, he indirectly led NASA to send the Apollo astronauts to the Moon in 1969. Moreover, the Aerojet Corporation – which Parsons personally founded - today produces solid-fuel rocket boosters for the Space Shuttle that are based on Parsons’ very own, decades-old innovations.

For his accomplishments, a large crater on the far side of the Moon was named in his honor, and each and every year, on Halloween no less, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory holds an open-house memorial, replete with mannequins of Jack Parsons and his early JPL cohorts known as "Nativity Day." And, within the aerospace community, there is a longstanding joke that JPL actually stands for "Jack Parsons Laboratory" or "Jack Parsons Lives."

In fact, however, this man Parsons, who was so revered and honored by very senior figures within the U.S. space-program, was an admitted occultist, a follower of Aleister Crowley, and someone who topped even Crowley himself by engaging in bestiality with the family dog and sexual relations with his own mother, perhaps at the same time, no less.

Moreover, before each rocket test, Parsons would undertake a ritual to try and invoke the Greek god, Pan. And, on top of that, much of Parsons’ – and the JPL’s – initial rocket research in this period was undertaken at the appropriately-named Devil’s Gate Dam in Los Angeles.

And with that background data in hand, let's see what the FBI thought of Parsons...

On November 2, 1950, a California-based special-agent of the FBI prepared a report on the actions of Jack Parsons that stated in part: "Subject, on September 15, 1950 removed certain documents pertaining to jet propulsion motors and rocket propellants without authority from Hughes Aircraft Company, Culver City, California; his place of employment [and which had been his place of employment since May 8, 1949]."

On September 25, after the documents in question had been retrieved by the authorities, they were duly handed over to a Air Force Major E.J. Krenz, after which, the FBI recorded: "[Parsons] voluntarily came to the Los Angeles office, September 27, 1950 and in [a] signed statement admitted removing documents without authority stating he desired to extract certain information from them as aid in computing [the] cost proposal on jet propulsion motors. He planned to submit this with [an] employment application through American Technion Society for employment in the country of Israel."

Twenty-four-hours later, an FBI agent, whose name has been carefully excised from the available documents, "displayed the document and papers to John T. Berdner, Air Provost Marshal, U.S. Army, who advised that it would be necessary for him to forward copies of them to the Chief of the Security and Policy Division, Intelligence Department, Headquarters, Air Materiel Command, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio, where the documents would be examined for the purpose of determining whether or not they contained classified or non-classified information."

As a result of the brewing trouble surrounding Parsons, he was fired from Hughes Aircraft on that very day and Hughes’ security personnel hastily advised the military that, at the very least, the documents should be classified Confidential. Then the next morning Parsons prepared a written statement for the FBI, the Army, and Air Materiel Command in which he conceded: "I now realize that I was wrong in taking this material from the Hughes Aircraft Plant."

Whether his apology was genuine or it was simply a groveling attempt to try and avoid serious problems with the authorities and charges that he was secretly engaged in espionage operations for Israel, Parsons certainly obfuscated the facts and played down his ongoing involvement in matters of an occult nature. When interviewed by the FBI on September 28, he said that he had “severed all relations” with the dark world that had so dominated his earlier years, and "…described himself as being an 'individualist,'" according to the interviewing special-agent in his report.

Significantly, files pertaining to Parsons’ theft of the papers from Hughes Aircraft reveal that, several years earlier, he had worked with some notable bodies, including the Government’s Office of Scientific Research and Development, the National Defense Research Council, and the Northrop Aircraft Company. Meanwhile, as several FBI offices across the state of California tried to determine – with help from the military – if Parsons was acting as an Israeli spy or if his actions were just plain reckless and stupid, the Cincinnati FBI Office entered into a period of liaison with the Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations to "ascertain the facts" concerning Air Force knowledge of Parsons’ activities.

A Major Sam Bruno of the USAF advised the FBI that the Air Force did have files on Parsons, including some that related to his relationship with Aleister Crowley, one of which, dated May 17, 1948, stated: "A religious cult, believed to advocate sexual perversion, was organized at subject’s home at 1003 South Orange Grove Avenue, Pasadena, California, which has been reported subversive..."

The same documentation referred to USAF and FBI knowledge of the Church of Thelema, explaining in typically-humorless tones that "this cult broadly hinted at free love," that there had been "several complaints of ‘'strange goings on at this home,'" and that an unnamed source had described the church as "a gathering place of perverts." Surely not?!

The military’s records also noted that in 1943, Parsons was interviewed by the FBI and "stated that the Church of Thelema was a lodge and fraternity as well as a church, and that they studied philosophy as well as religion and attempted to inform themselves concerning all types and kinds of religion."

Parsons admitted that the church was based on the teachings of Crowley (who, rather amusingly, an obviously under-informed FBI special agent described merely as "an internationally known poet"!), and added that "…the organization was sometimes referred to as Crowleyism or Crowleyites."

A less-than-impressed Air Force advised the equally unimpressed FBI that: “"…women of loose morals were involved and…the story of Parsons' activities had become fairly common knowledge among scientists in the Pasadena area."

Then, on November 14, 1950, Major Frank J. Austin, Jr., of the Ordnance Liaison Office at the Redstone Arsenal, determined that most of the documents from Hughes Aircraft should be classified as Confidential – with four remaining unclassified. It's eye opening that on the very same day, Major Donald Detwiler, of AFOSI, admitted in a letter to the FBI that on March 7, 1949, the Industrial Employment Review Board had authorized Parsons "access to military information through Top Secret."

That Parsons had been highly cavalier with Confidential files and papers was a serious matter in itself. But that Parsons – occultist, and perhaps literal mother-fucker – had been granted a Top Secret clearance, which covered the work of the Army, Navy, and Air Force in relation to rocketry, was seen as being utterly beyond the pale.

As a result, on January 9, 1952, Parsons was informed by one J. Mason, the Chairman of the Industrial Employment Review Board, that:

"The board has decided as of 7 January 1952 to revoke the clearance granted you through top secret of 7 March 1949, and to withdraw access by you to Department of Defense classified information and/or material. The foregoing and all the evidence in the case file, when considered with the duties and responsibilities of any position in which you may be engaged with Department of Defense classified contract work, indicate that you might voluntarily or involuntarily act against the security interest of the United States and constitute a danger to the national security."

Parsons’ security clearance may have been revoked, but the government was very far from finished with him. Actually, matters had barely begun, as Final Events demonstrates...


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  1. I love this Nick. I have always held that Parsons was much more the "real deal" in the occult than many would credit him. I have thoughts that he had surpassed Crowley in some ways. It should be no surprise that the government would have been in a tizzy about some of the connections that one could make with Parsons. The Israeli connection makes me wonder what he might have been trying to do. I doubt that he was really doing espionage for it's own sake. One might be rewarded if one were to look to Israel for some occult connection that Parsons may have been drawn to get involved with there.

  2. Tenebroust:
    Yeah, more than a few researchers think that the Israel thing ran deeper than the files suggest. There are even those who think that Parsons' rants about the Antichrist might be connected...

  3. Parsons is indeed one key character in the secret history of the 20th Century... But we´re still far from the core of his narrative!
    I'm hoping you'll be able (and willing) to dig deeper!
    The Israel angle is somewhat mystifying but not totally unexpected...

  4. Nick I'm almost certain Jack "White Stripes" Parson's interest in 'Israel' wasn't racial, religious or political but identical to Crowley's ie precisely because it was a place where the barriers to power were down (hence the tendency of tourists to fall 'pray' to Jerusalem Syndrome) made going there for the adept the magical equivalent of walking nude into an unshielded nuclear core - highly dangerous but very bracing to anyone capable of surviving it and maybe becoming a mystical equivalent of an X-Man as a result.

    ps: it's long amazed me all those hairy ghosts of the desert dwelling prophets which still hang out there from time to time still haven't been mistaken for Middle Eastern Sasquatch.

  5. But, Nick, no amount of occultism (or perversion) on Jack Parson's part adds any credence to the notion that "UFOs are 'Demonic' rather than Extraterrestrial". Come on, which is more probable given the mountain of evidence for ETs as Aliens, vs. the paucity of evidence for the existence of 'Demons'?

    Is it more likely (A) That aliens are really 'Satanic Spiritual Demon Entities', being mistaken for spacefaring visitors from other planets; or, (B) That spacefaring visitors from other planets have [frequently] been mistaken for Spiritual Entities (both 'Angels' and 'Demons' - and 'Gods', 'Fairies', 'Pixies', 'Sprites' and 'Wood Nymphs') throughout recorded history?

    Its pretty simple. We have the 'Existence Proof' of ourselves to validate that intelligent, machine-building, spacefaring civilizations exist. On the other hand, we have nothing but parables, anecdotes, metaphor, and allegory - in other words, "fairy stories" - to indicate that Heavenly/Demonic beings exist AND, IF 'Real', can also somehow corporealize. Now, I, personally, happen to believe that we *ARE* spiritual entities, ourselves, which should also constitute an 'Existence Proof', however, that is inadmissible since it requires a belief system, which watching our rockets launch does not.

    Consequently, logic dictates that the preponderance of the UFO/ET phenomenon be accepted as given - "nuts-and-bolts-spacecraft, flown by flesh-and-blood extraterrestrials" - which is, indeed, what the [now] hundreds of ex-government whistleblowers are, in fact, reporting.

    I believe the confusion comes from the fact that ET Quantum technology can interpenetrate what we consider the "psychic" or "Spiritual" realm, in accordance with the Hameroff-Penrose Theory of Quantum Consciousness - the only plausible scientific explanation of the transcendental "Soul". If you have technology for practical interstellar propulsion, I would not consider it surprising that you also had the technology to extract, hold in stasis, implant - or transplant - the Souls, as quantum objects, of biological entities, including Humans.

    This is certainly a more reasonable explanation for all of the confusion on this topic than to suggest that ETs are the embodiment of religious superstition and mythology. Rather, they were the original *Inspiration* for it...

  6. "An undoubted genius, he indirectly led NASA to send the Apollo astronauts to the Moon in 1969. "

    Well, at least he thought he did! No named NASA astronauts walked on the moon... please see my 2 hour presentation (if you're interested in looking at the evidence, that is):



  7. Concrescent:

    You seem to be missing the most important issue of all: I agree with you, the demonic belief for UFOs is definitely NOT one I believe.

    As I note, in the book, the story, the theories, ideas and beliefs are those of the group I tracked down. And, I point that out.

    In every single interview I have done for the book, I note the following: The Collins Elite group were driven by belief in the demonic theory, not by evidence.

    I also point out on every occasion I am asked about it that I wrote the book not to endorse the demonic theory (I certainly don't endorse it!), but to tell the story of how, why, and under what circumstances a group in the government came to believe it - which is a very different thing to me endorsing it.

    So, while I'm not sure that we have enough proof to say with 100 percent certainty that literal ETs are visiting (although there is plenty of evidence that an unexplained UFO phenomenon from SOMEWHERE exists), I have seen zero evidence that the beliefs of the Collins Elite have validity.

    But, I didn't write the book to validate what they said. Rather, I wrote the book because I found it fascinating that the government was covertly funding a deeply buried think-tank group to determine if UFOs WERE demonic.

    For me, that's the important thing - the nature of the story, how the group came together, and what they believed. But, personally, I don't think their conclusions are the correct ones - at all.

    1. Concrescent:

      At one time I would have agreed with you a 100%. But after several years of researching the "demonic" angle, I am not so sure it should be completely dismissed, at least in the sense that it is "not part of the puzzle".
      IMO, it is a mistake categorically dismiss the demonic angle, even if one is made uncomfortable by the religious overtones. It is like throwing away good data, just because you may not like it. After reading Final Events I reread "Messengers of Deception" and Keel's "Operation Trojan Horse". After reading those two books again, "Final Events" did not seem like a stretch after all.

  8. While I think that the hard evidence is clear that [most real] UFOs are Extraterrestrial, and that ETs have certainly been here for a long time, I am not suggesting that some 'lights' (such as Orbs) or 'presences' that terrify people in the night might not be of a spiritual nature, instead. I can even see a broad connection between Extraterrestrial activity and people's religiously-coloured perceptions thereof.

    It just seems evident that primitive people *always* mistake the activities of higher civilizations for the manifestations of gods, devils, angels, spirits, etc. In the uptight, bible-thumping, God-fearing America of the 1950s, its easy to see how elder religious fundamentalists in government might have been taken by that interpretation.

    Its also easy to see why the ETs, themselves, might foster these religious perceptions, a) to conceal their true nature and intentions, b) to help ostracize those who manage to observe them or believe such observations, and c) to inspire a love (as "Angels") or fear (as "Demons") with which to better manipulate those in whom they come into contact with.

    Also, some true Extraterrestrials may have methods and motives that are amoral or immoral by our reckoning, and engage in horrific procedures that, to an Earth consciousness, might rightly be termed "demonic". But that has nothing to do with biblical mythology, except as it may have improperly identified, cataloged, and classified the ETs as "demons", when no knowledge of other planets in the cosmos existed.

    Finally, what we consider the 'spiritual' realm, the Afterlife, that ethereal Quantum Vacuum where our subconscious transcends the constraints of physical matter (including our own meatbags), is, undoubtedly subject to the mental/psychic and technological penetration by other species, as well. Being more telepathic than we are, and having had a [hundred? thousand? million?] years longer to explore the heavenly dimension technologically than we've had, its not surprising that they can interact with us on a psychic or spiritual level, in any guise they wish. It still doesnt make them any more "evil" than their intentions and actions would demonstrate, just like any one of us...