Friday, February 24, 2012

Strange Sounds and Final Events

On last night's Coast to Coast AM, Linda Howe discussed the many and varied weird sounds that have been recorded in various parts of the world over the course of the last year or so (you can find out more about it at this Coast to Coast AM link).

But, what I found particularly interesting was the following from the show-summary:

"Linda raised an interesting hypothesis-- what if some of the strange sounds heard around the world...were part of an American government test of what some have called 'voice of God' weapons? Around the time of 9-11, there were rumors that the Defense Dept. wanted to try sending directed sound waves into the minds of Middle East terrorists, she noted."

This is intriguing, since it ties in closely with the data contained in my Final Events book about officialdom having secretly addressed the idea of using advanced technologies to stage a religious event to deceive and manipulate the public.

Are we seeing evidence of some build-up to what may be the ultimate ruse: a faked event, possibly one employing the use of sophisticated holograms, of biblical proportions?

Keep watching the skies...but don't necessarily believe all that you might see...or hear...


  1. If LMH said it was raining, I'd fetch my t-shirt and sunglasses.

    Her record of pushing hoaxes is incredibly sustained, especially as she maintains a position of acceptance in the 'UFO community.' No doubt, she'll be one of the top speakers at this year's MUFON symposium telling us that Penniston's found some more binary and the Caret Drones are piloted by demons working for DARPA to create 'sky noises!'

    'Are we seeing evidence of some build-up to what may be the ultimate ruse: a faked event, possibly one employing the use of sophisticated holograms, of biblical proportions?'

    In a word - no. If LMH favours the notion, it's almost certainly total bullshit.

    If you get stuck for a new book topic - it's got to be worth exploring the BS bandwagon that is always present in ufology. Vallee's Revelations took a peek, but the current collection (Bob Dean, LMH, Project Camelot etc) are mutually self-sustaining and inject meme after meme into the subject.

    Are they just carnies? Or are they something else?

  2. Hi, Nick. Da-da wrote about this, at length (as listed on *The Anomalist*):



  3. K:

    No I certainly do NOT agree with most that Linda talks about: I don't think cattle mutes are anything to do with aliens. I don't think aliens crashed at Roswell. The list goes on and on.

    The point is that I would have commented on this whoever was making the statement. Only because it mirrors closely what was published 2 years ago in my Final Events book.

    As the book notes, I was told that there would be careful start of a program involving hoaxed religious imagery that would begin sometime AFTER the troops starting to be pulled out of the Middle East.

    Well, the troops are now home or coming home, and we are now seeing people speculating about these weird sounds being linked with just the sort of thing I was writing about 3 years ago, and publishing 2 years ago.

    For that reason, surely anyone would see I consider it worth noting. Could it be bullshit and totally not linked? Yes. But, under the circumstances, I think anyone in my shoes would have noted it.

  4. D:
    Thanks, I'll have a look at the link.

  5. Fair enough Nick.

    I'm in no way a purist, not a researcher and nobody of merit, it just bugs me that the more successful elements of the field are the most dubious.

    Some of your research is important and yet you and others are marginalised in favour of wild claims and whistle-blowers with no provenance.

    As for the sky noises? I haven't read anything that's persuasive enough to regard it as a real phenomenon. This might say more about the level of interest I've mustered than the credibility of the reporters. Judgement suspended, I guess.

    All the best.

    1. K:

      When it comes to whistleblowers, I don't think there is anyone who has never come across them in this field, or who has cited their words.

      But, despite what some might think, I have actually kept such people at a minimum in my books. Of the 24 books I have written, 3 contain the words of whistleblowers - Final Events (2 whsitleblowers); Body Snatchers in the Desert (3 whistleblowers); and On the Trail of the Saucer Spies (1 whistleblower).

      And, there's another important factor too that many may not be aware of: Publishers often demand interviewees - named or not - provide signed release forms confirming the interviewee is cool about having their interview used.

      The Body Snatchers sources ALL signed release forms, even though they are not named in the book. Those release forms confirm the people are who they claim to be, and are on file with the publisher.

      Same for my book of last year, The Real Men in Black, that required no less than 22 release forms signed and handed over to the publisher.

      In other words, a whistleblower is not neccessaarily a source who can't be tracked down...

  6. Nick Linda Howe's not on my own particular radar but her general idea and your own information're not at all crackpot stuff.

    China for instance've installed their own particular Dalai Lama (amongst a variety of other such Tibetan religious figures).

    In fact I think they're currently on their second one.

    And of course we have the recent death of Kim Jong-il being accompanied by a variety of supernatural phenomena some of which may've been authentic tulpa type stuff reconstructed for official purposes but some of which was almost certainly stage managed or simply inserted into the media as memes.

    The history of Western Civilization upto the Renaissance at least's the history of whose Pope's the Real Pope? Saint Francis stripped down 'primordial' Christianity was subjected by more oppulent vested interests to accusations of innovation if not Islamic tinged heresy and Joan of Arc for all her authentic sounding possibly ultraterrestial based experiences was still centuries after we burnt her a political pawn - even in the hands of Shakespeare.

  7. Don't know about anyone else but it seems individuals thrive on the mystery of UFO,Squache sightings, sounds, monsters, etc. Despite the abance of any proof. I notice that photos are blurry. Have not seen a sharp and clear photo of a monster, squache (big foot), ufo, or a good clear understandable recording of any event. I appreciate a mystery. It is good to think there are unexplained things occuring. It makes little sense to believe whole heartedly in any of this reported novelity. Those that do, enjoy.