Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holograms at Rendlesham?

Between the nights of December 26 and 28, 1980, a series of almost science-fiction-like events occurred in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England, a densely-treed area adjacent to the joint Royal Air Force/U.S. Air Force military complex of Bentwaters-Woodbridge.

Essentially, what many believe took place over the course of several nights was nothing less than the landing of a craft – or multiple craft – from another world from which small, humanoid entities reportedly emerged. It was tracked on radar, deposited traces of radiation within the forest, avoided capture and made good its escape – and created a controversy that rages to this day.

One of those who tried to get to the bottom of the Rendlesham mystery was Ray Boeche, an Anglican priest and former Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) state-director. Boeche spent a great deal of time digging into the puzzle, in the 1980s, and even approached the office of the Honorable James J. Exon, United States Senate, in an effort to uncover the cloak of secrecy surrounding the affair.

It was largely and unfortunately to no avail, however, and Rendlesham continues to remain the enigma today that it was 30 years ago this very week. Although not to everyone, it seems. And specifically not to two whistle-blower sources from the Department of Defense that Boeche had the opportunity to speak with in late 1991, and who brought up with Boeche the allegedly real nature of the Rendlesham affair.

When I interviewed Boeche about this in 2007, he told me with respect to his DoD informants: “I found it interesting that they would mention Rendlesham at the meeting. They said there was a sense that this was maybe, in some sense, staged. Or that some of the senior people there were more concerned with the reaction of the men – how they responded to the situation, rather than what was actually going on. That this was some sort of psychotronic device, a hologram, to see what sort of havoc they can wreak with people. But even if it was a type of hologram, they said it could interact with the environment. The tree marks and the pod marks at the landing site were indications of that. But how can you have a projected thing like a hologram that also has material, physical capabilities? They wouldn’t elaborate on this.”

Even though Boeche considers, today, that the data related to him may have contained more than a liberal degree of disinformation, it’s a fascinating aspect of a case that – like Roswell – just refuses to go away; as is clearly evidenced by the fact that we're still discussing the case in the week of its 30th anniversary!

And for those who may be interested in learning more about this intriguing “hologram” aspect of the Rendlesham event, you can do so within the pages of my Final Events book.



    Nick -- this is the definitive Rendlesham expose.

  2. The obvious question remains as to how a hologram can effect physical properties as noted in the article and airman NCO Penniston's claim that he had physical contact with a craft (he retained a notebook from the time in which he drew a diagram of the craft as well as mysterious markings found on the exterior). A hologram would be a plausible theory if not for the preponderance of physical evidence.

  3. Hi Nick. If the event was staged, there's no reason to think it beyond the wit of man to create the 'trace evidence' before hand. Creating the physical traces would be one of the easier to accomplish aspects of such a scenario.

    For what it's worth, I haven't a clue what happened and the cacophony of conflicting explanations and claims has done a great job in confusing the issues. Apologies for all that alliteration in the last sentence. :D

  4. Microwave rendered intersection objects can have mass, physical properties etc.