Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Roswell, NASA, Final Events

In my book, Final Events, I published extracts from a 1998 document titled The Collins Report, which revealed a wealth of data relative to the UFO research of a secret think-tank within the Government known as the Collins Elite.

One particular extract from The Collins Report that I highlighted in my book reads as follows:

"STAC-5 also informs that WPAFB sources have had some success using the 'PARSONS TECHNIQUE' in achieving spontaneous brief laboratory manifestation of materials very similar to two of those that 'fell' at Lincoln County, NM in 1947. STAC-5 is of opinion that if long-term manifestation and stability of materials can be achieved and precise originating point of materials can be determined then this will assist NASA-TZER mission..."

Essentially, as I note at greater length in Final Events, this above-extract deals with the way in which elements of the US government, military and intelligence community had supposedly managed to "manifest" - in a laboratory environment - materials extremely like the so-called "Memory-Metal" said to have been recovered outside of Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947.

And, as the above-extract from the document also reveals, a NASA "mission" was somehow involved in all this, and that if the nature of the memory-alloy could be ascertained, this would greatly assist the NASA operation.

A number of researchers have, quite reasonably, wondered about such a NASA mission, and what the term "TZER" - as referred to in the above-extract from the document really means.

While "TZER" - as a term - still eludes me, it's highly intriguing to note that researcher Tony Bragalia has uncovered new data that may be relative to this whole controversy.

Bragalia says in a new post at The UFO Iconoclasts titled On the Trail of the Roswell Debris and Bodies: Where are they Now? that he has had the opportunity to speak with a man he describes as "a very senior-level NASA engineer" who, for many years, "has been employed by the prestigious NASA Ames Research Lab in Silicon Valley." Bragalia adds that the man is "associated with the Lab’s Space Science and Astrobiology Division," and that "his work embraces Exo-Planetary Studies and Astrophysics as well as Aerospace Engineering."

Notably, the man's father worked at Berkeley in the 1950s, and while there he - the father - "was presented with some strange material by a Lab manager."

Bragalia says that knowing of his son’s professional research at NASA on “life on other planets,” the father "privately detailed to him what he felt could only be something from another world. He said that it appeared 'metal-like' but not exactly, it’s precise nature was unknown. Impervious to applied torch heat, he was unable to puncture, dent, cut or even scratch the material."

And as Bragalia also reveals: "On January 14 2011 Lawrence Berkeley announced that it had created the strongest material ever made - a glass impregnated at the microscopic level with alloys- that is virtually impervious to damage. One of the additions to the material to create its super-tough, lightweight characteristics is the rare earth material Palladium. Interestingly, NASA recently announced that the addition of Palladium to the memory metal Nitinol allowed for greater shape memory characteristics."

How curious that we now have two accounts that link NASA with extraordinary materials, very similar to the materials reportedly found at Roswell in the summer of 1947 - one from a NASA scientist revealing a startling story courtesy of his own father, and the second concerning NASA's work in the field of "shape memory" materials.

Taking into consideration that the Roswell debris was said to have had some form of in-built ability - or "memory" - to return to its original shape, and that we now have these two new NASA-linked stories, I have to wonder if - in some capacity - this is all somehow tied in with the "NASA-TZER" project briefly referred to in the pages of The Collins Report, and which was intimately linked to the Roswell memory-metal.

I suggest: keep watching this space...

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